Saturday, 24 September 2011

Yellow Brick Road

If every time a group of people take a specific path of travelling they end up dead, how can other people take this path to find out that the first group of people have been killed?  Wouldn't the second set of people discovering the first dead group get killed themselves? I can usually ignore some of the illogical liberties that supernatural films take, however in Yellow Brick Road, these poorly thought out concepts keep coming up.
                Team of experts (experts is used very lightly) get together to trek down an infamous outdoor trail where people end up getting killed. For starters, there is no actual trail that these people follow, mainly open fields and with no distinguishing terrain. This group takes a hiking trip over this dull scenery and the further they go, although where they are going doesn`t make too much sense to begin with, music from the past starts to fill the air. The music shuts off and turns back on randomly and this starts to get to the travelers psyche and just as I was already hating this film, they start to kill each other off with terrible make up effects. 
                 The question that I couldn`t get out of my mind was if this trail leads to something to be discovered, why don`t they just fly over the area? The characters keep saying that they have walked forever, but it never appears that they have walked for very long at all. Usually after someone has walked for several days straight, they will appear exhausted or even dirty. At no point did I feel that these people have suffered enough to start acting psychotic or even having visions. 
This film is just plain ridiculous.

Avoid it.


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