Thursday, 1 September 2011

Don't Let Him In (2011)

It doesn’t matter if it is in the movies or real life, watching stupid people make stupid decisions is downright annoying.  Without revealing any spoilers, let me explain a couple of situations that caused me to emotionally disconnect from the events of this mundane monstrosity.
                A couple of couples head out to a cabin in the middle of a forest (cliché) before reaching their death trap destination they run into a police officer who warns them about a serial killer who is still on the loose and may be in the vicinity of cabin. They still head out there but not before almost hitting a hitch hiker (cliché) and later run into a mysterious stranger (cliché). When the hitchhiker comes falling into their cabin, bloodied up from a huge cut on his side, they patch him up and become friends with him. Whether they can trust this hitchhiker or even themselves, he is still a cut up man that was attacked in the woods that is suppose to have a insane serial killer and these people still stay on their vacation type of trip. Two guys even go fishing the next day. These people are so stupid that I thought they were not being knocked off by the serial killer fast enough.
                This is a short flick, only running 80 minutes long and I still found myself looking at the clock. Not worth the time.

Avoid it


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