Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Town Killers

This is just another telling of "The Most Dangerous Game". However in this version, two bankers who are looking for something a little more interesting in life, hire homeless or less fortunate people and give them 12 hours to play a game of hide and go seek. The person selected is given 12 thousand pounds and if they can remain hidden by the morning will be able to keep the money.  Our hero, although he suspects something is foul with the deal, agrees needing money for his sister who is in serious debt.
                What bugs me the most of this film is how good the villain is. Dougray Scott, as the sadistic Alistair Raskolnikov, commands the stage with a demented diabolical villain. He's so good at being bad that whenever the hero gets an upper hand it feels forced and unnatural. And because this is just another version of "The Most Dangerous Game" it is way too predictable.  Too bad, there is so much potential here that is gone to waste.

Avoid It.


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