Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Urbania (2000)

If you have been reading my reviews and venturing through other reviews and write up on films, then you probably already know recognize that I am a huge fan of the art of storytelling.  Urbania centers its focus on our protagonist who is seeing the world around unfold as urban legends. If everything he sees turns into an urban legend come to life, then his life too must therefore be an urban legend.  Many returns come back to explaining how we communicate stories and nobody knows where they have originated or how they spread. We are reminded that people start tales with, "A friend told me this… and it is true."  If we believe that an old wives tale can come from real life events, then it is no stretch to think that our real life events will turn into stories.  And so we have a motivation of our hero, who may or may not be the leading himself into becoming just a dark tall tale.
                Urbania may start off slow but because of the confident direction and foreshadowing its pace becomes very acceptable. It is dark, depressing, and has a wallop of an ending that will be emotionally rewarding as well as profoundly deep for those that make it to the ending.
                When this first came out I had pushed it onto many of my friends who in return would not finish it because they thought it had too much homosexual content within it. Even my gay friends had some difficulty sitting through this one because of the emotional powerful ending that is being prepped up for its viewers. The fact that this film would scare people into not wanting to finish or get to its conclusion fascinated me. What I realized what it was not just the content or atmosphere that  disturbed people but  the acting is so tight and believable.  If the acting was not as good as it is by the lead Dan Futterman,  people would have no problem getting through this one and would probably not think twice about it once it had finished.  Those that did finish the movie have also rewatched it to get a better grasp of the storyline. This film is not for everyone because some people do not have the patience to have to think or feel something they are not use to think or feel about.  

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