Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Two Deaths (1996)

During a civil war raid on a town, a doctor invites two of his friends over for a supper. They question a portrait of a beautiful woman he has on hanging about his fireplace and he answers, explains that it is his maid. When they question why he would have a picture of a servant up like a family member, he explains that it is because he has ruined her life. What follows is a set of flashbacks that will tell a sad, cruel, and emotionally shattering tale of passion gone wrong.
                The connection of the war surrounding the house is not clearly connected to the primary story as well as I am sure it was intended to be. However, it does fit as reasonable breaks for the audience to take a breather from the main story of domination and triumph of the will over some of the most despicable selfishness and unrelenting and uncontrolled desires.  
                Michael Gambon is excellent as the lead, recounting the tale of vindictiveness and abuse of power. It is based on the novel " "The Two Deaths of Senora Puccini", and although there are more than just two deaths in the film, once the two deaths in which the title represents are announced to the audience, the whole story will hit you with an impact of emotional discomfort. Beautiful as it is darkly compelling.  
                This may be a difficult one to get a hold of being that I cannot find a proper dvd or bluray copy available. This is the one of 3 VCR tapes I have not abandoned yet because I am still holding out from a more updated copy.  Keep an eye on Bravo, IFC, and Showcase for they have been said to have played it once or twice. It is worth the hunt.

See it.


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