Saturday, 3 September 2011

Bereavement (2010)

Ok let's get something straight. A girl who has lost her parents because of an accident, is not a character, that is a thing that happens to a character. A girl who is new to a small town high school, is not a character. A boy who looks after his paralyzed father, who happens to be a jerk father, is not a character.  These are things that characters have to deal with, not who they are. Just because you give an actor a name and clothe to wear and tell them "Ok now this happens to you... now act." does make them characters. I have seen finger puppets deliver more believable personalities than the paint by number bores this film has.
                "Bereavement" is another exceptionally dull horror film that does not offer anything new to the genre of serial killers/torture films. In this one, a young boy who lacks the ability to physically feel anything, gets abducted from a  swing by a madman who raises him in an abandoned meat factory, where he is forced to watch the madman chop up kidnapped women to please a cow skull that instructs the man to perform the tortures. After that you have seen it all. This is boring and poorly paced. Much of the time, even when it's suppose to be scary, I found myself uninterested and counting the minutes going by.
                It is said that this movie barely received an "R" rating but after much work it was given the "R" rating and had minimum theatrical release. This shocked me to hear, mainly because the film is not that violent or ore as others in the genre, for instance any of the "Saw" films. These types of claims usually pop up for movies that are not that good to begin with. It is a marketing strategy to have viewers believe that what they are about to watch is going to be something that will be over the top or even shocking. This is why almost all horror films get released on Bluray/DVD as "unrated". In the past being unrated meant that the movie was not interesting enough to even waste the time of the films boards that rate them. Don't be fooled when this one comes out.


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